Sunday, July 25, 2010

What is west coast natural design

Design focus: West Coast Natural

We’re kicking the summer off with a series design focused newsletters and blogs.

We work with designers from all over North America and have seen some real defined styles that incorporate our products; West Coast Natural, Modern Country, Industrial Fusion and Contemporary Asian. Over the next four issues of our newsletter we will help define these styles and show our Live Edge pieces in each of these settings.

West Coast Natural is a term I started using a few years ago to define the style of homes that embody the idea of bringing the idyllic surroundings of the natural world into the homes along the West Coast. Interior designers use a mix of color, texture and natural materials to create a beautiful balance from the inside out.

~ John Lore

A few of our pieces have been fortunate enough to find homes all along the West Coast. The view from some of these homes is just as jaw-dropping as the character in the big slab pieces. Look carefully to see how designers and clever homeowners have used the lines, colors and textures from the world outside the windows to create incredible, tranquil interiors with underlying West Coast style.